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Who We Are

We are a Family Company.

We mean it when we say we are "more than just a tow company."

The West Kelowna location for Mario's Towing, we work hard day in and day out helping those in need of roadside assistance, transporting goods for various businesses across the province and building strong relationships with the communities we serve.

We couldn't achieve our success without the support of our valued staff and the communities in which we built our business. Our respect and gratitude for our staff has translated into an extended family composed of numerous long-term employees. And our respect and gratitude for our community has translated into our Cars for Dinners Program, our sponsorship of the Racepink racing team in support of breast cancer research, and our new program where we donate cars to single parents in need. We support those who support us!

At Mario's and Del Oro we live this business, everyday.

Who We Are


Del Oro Towing management and staff all shares this core value. Being responsible for our actions and delivering what we state are paramount to our success.


this is the act of helping or doing work for someone. We offer unmatched service and look to build relationships with each encounter. We are as good as our last job.


Del Oro Towing has some of the best professionals within the industry. Wreckmaster trained and certified operators, management with various areas of schooling and all staff with hands on, field experience. Our valuable staff members are what help separate our services.


def. A group of people who live in one place. Del Oro staff feels that the meaning extends well beyond the definition. Living in a community, sharing experiences, working together and focusing on a common goal are what make each community special.

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Mario's Vehicles for Single Parents in Need program
Mario's sponsors competition car racing in the Okanagan circuit to support breast cancer treatment
Cars for Dinners program
Dispatch: 1.888.292.1581 - 3015 Sexsmith Road, Kelowna BC
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